Sealift Amphibious Force commander gets first star

The commander of the Philippine Fleet’s Sealift Amphibious Force, Capt. Florante Gagua was promoted to the rank of commodore in a simple donning ceremony presided by the Philippine Navy (PN) Flag Officer In Command, Vice Adm. Giovanni Carlo Bacordo at the PN headquarters earlier today, February 1.

Navy chief Bacordo in his speech underscored Commodore Gagua’s achievements throughout his military career which “demonstrate your competence and strong leadership capabilities”.

“Congratulations on this much-deserved promotion. I know that you know how crucial the work gets when a Navy Officer achieves a Flag Rank position. The star on your shoulder equates to tremendous responsibilities ahead” added Bacordo.

A member of PMA “Sambisig” Class of 1991, Commodore Gagua had held various positions of major responsibility in the PN prior to his present designation which include being the Chief of Fleet Staff, Commander Naval Task Force 87, Founding Commander of Submarine Group, Assistant Chief of the AFP’s Office of Strategic and Special Studies and Strategy Management, and Division Chief War Plans Division and Strategy/Policy Division, OJ5.

Promotion to a flag rank is a major turning point in the career of military officers which comes with heavier responsibilities being among the decision-makers, and higher expectations in leading men and women of the organization to greater accomplishments.

The Sealift Amphibious Force is a major unit of the Philippine Fleet that is in charge of sealift transport and amphibious operation missions of the Philippine Navy. PHILIPPINE NAVY