Ronnie Liang, Zahra Saldua complete military training in Armor Division

Philippine Army Reservists 2nd Lieutenants actor-singer Ronnie Liang and Miss Earth Philippines Air 2018 Zahra Saldua graduated from their military training at the Armor “Pambato” Division (AD) yesterday, February 14, in Capas, Tarlac.


Liang and Saldua, who graduated from the Reserve Officers Training Corps in college, took the Mechanized Infantry Operations Training (MIOT) Course to further equip their reservist competencies in addressing conventional and external threats. The rigorous course highlights battle drills, armored vehicle defensive driving, raid mission training, and lectures on enemy armored threats.

“I hope that you will remain committed, dependable, and ready to be deployed anytime when you are both needed,” said Pambato Commander Maj. Gen. Robert Dauz during the closing rites and capability demonstration of the MIOT 10-2020 class.

“Mas lalong tumaas ang respeto ko at paghanga sa mga sundalo natin,” said Liang while recalling the challenges of the course. “Mas lalo kong navisualize kung paano iyong pangyayari sa war, paano ang mga operation at mga tactics ng mga sundalo natin,” he added.

On the other hand, Saldua emphasized that the training is a good way to develop skills and character. “Anyone who becomes a reservist will really be able to apply these set of skills in their life. It’s a skill that definitely needs your mental, physical, and intellectual stamina,” she said.

Moreover, with a common bond to serve the country, Saldua unexpectedly met again with a former co-candidate in Miss World 2013, now Armor Officer 2nd Lt. Teresa Salazar. “It seems that Armor Division connected us again. After we see each other that day, we updated our group chat and our co-candidates. Hoping we could meet them and we could influence them to also to join the Philippine Army as reservists,” said Salazar.

According to RA No. 7077 or the Citizen Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act, the state shall promote and develop public support and awareness on the role of the reserve force; maintain the reserve forces’ readiness in immediately responding to the call of service and that it can be rapidly expanded in the event of war, invasion, or rebellion.

“The Division has placed a high degree of confidence upon your shoulders. It is incumbent upon all of you to perform well in all of your undertakings whatever they may be. The various skills and knowledge you have acquired in this training indicates that all of you will be more effective in fulfilling your respective roles,” addressed Dauz. PHILIPPINE ARMY