RIMPAC Exercise seen as ‘shakedown’ for BRP Jose Rizal

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BRP Jose Rizal (FF-150), the country’s first missile-frigate, and its crew would use the two-week “Rim of the Pacific” (RIMPAC) Exercise as its “shakedown cruise” where its performance would be tested.

“We can say it as part of the ‘shakedown cruise’ where we can test the seaworthiness and performance of FF-150 while the ship is still under warranty,” Philippine Navy (PN) public affairs office chief Lt. Commander Maria Christina Roxas said in a message late Wednesday when asked why the ship was selected to participate in the exercises.

A shakedown cruise allows the crew to familiarize themselves aboard a new vessel and to ensure all of the ship’s systems are functional.

“Other than that, it is a chance for the officers and crew to work as a team since most of the time they are conducting individual training. This time one ship, one team. Through this exercise, they will be able to conduct and function as a whole team of FF-150,” Roxas added.

The ship has a crew of 65 and is commanded by Captain Jerry Garrido. RIMPAC 2020 is slated for August 17 to 31 off the waters of Hawaii.

BRP Jose Rizal is scheduled to depart the Philippines by July 29 to 30 to participate in the biennial maneuvers described as the largest maritime warfare exercise in the world.

“(The) RIMPAC (exercises) is a multi-dimensional training exercises so, it means it is our chance to level up our engagement in this four-dimension warfare. Having this exercise for FF-150, it is an opportunity now that we have this capability in our inventory,” Roxas said.

Also, she said BRP Jose Rizal will be sailing alone for these exercises as the majority of PN ships are currently involved in supporting government efforts in containing the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) threat.

Meanwhile, Roxas said the ship will not include its AgustaWestland AW-159 “Wildcat” anti-submarine helicopter for RIMPAC 2020 as its crew is still undergoing training which was disrupted by the Taal Volcano eruption and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

For its RIMPAC deployment, an AW-109 “Power” utility helicopter will be aboard, she added. PNA.GOV.PH