Police seize P12.2-M party drugs, shabu

One of two high-value drug personalities who were the subjects of a police operation of the PNP Drug Enforcement Group (PNP-DEG) fall in an encounter with arresting officers shortly after midnight this morning in Ermita, Manila. The other suspect escaped and is now the subject of follow-up operations.

PNP photo

PNP Chief, Police General Debold M Sinas said the slain suspect known only as a certain “KUYA”, armed with a caliber.45 automatic pistol engaged PNP-DEG agents in a shootout to evade arrest for drug-trafficking. He reportedly provided covering fire to allow his cohort ISH AGUILAR to escape onboard an SUV.

Sinas said both suspects are notorious distributors of illegal drugs in Metro Manila and other nearby provinces who get their supply of illegal drugs thru foreign and Filipino friends. Accordingly, Ish Aguilar only makes transactions thru “Kuya”.

PNP-DEG agents recovered 800 tablets of suspected party drugs Ecstacy with estimated DDB value of Php1,360,000.00; two (2) heat-sealed plastic sachet with more or less 50 grams of a white crystalline substance suspected to be methamphetamine hydrochloride or Shabu with DDB value Php340,000.00; One(1) caliber .45 pistol, and buy-bust money amounting to 5,000.00 pesos.

Citing a report from PNP-DEG Director, Police Brigadier General Ronald Lee, Sinas said Aguilar and “Kuya” eluded arrest on Thursday afternoon when PNP-DEG agents raided a kitchen-type clandestine Shabu re-processing laboratory in Cainta, Rizal wherein agents arrested Aguilar’s live-in partner KHRYSTYN ALMARIO PIMENTEL, 30, a Curriculum developer in the couple’s residence at Unit C 9029 Kabisig St. Blk 1, Floodway, San Andres, Cainta, Rizal.

Recovered from her possession were some 2,000 tablets of suspected party drugs Ecstasy with an estimated standard drug price of PHP 3,400,000.00; 10 small packs of suspected high-grade marijuana or Kush weighing approximately 500 grams with an estimated standard drug price of PHP 60,000.00; and more or less One (1) kilogram of white crystalline substance suspected to be methamphetamine hydrochloride or Shabu with estimated Standard Drug Price of PHP 6,800,000.00.

PNP-DEG agents also discovered laboratory equipment believed used to re-process or re-cook Shabu by adulterating it with other chemical compounds to increase the volume of the finished product for greater profit.

According to revelations made by Pimental to PNP-DEG investigators, Ish Aguilar was deported from the United States over a drug case . He reportedly distributes drugs locally thru a certain Gian and via courier service. He is reportedly related to murder convict Jason Ivler. PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE