PNR unveils 2 new trains on Valentine’s Day

As a Valentine’s gift from the Philippine National Railways (PNR), General Manager Junn Magno led the unwrapping of the 8100 series consisting of two (2) trainsets with 4-car formation per set, today, 14 February 2020.


“With the four INKA trains, that is another 35,000 passengers per day—ito na ang na-add natin within the system. Ang estimate natin, dapat the whole fleet can accommodate atleast 90,000 passengers. With the additional new trains, ang estimate namin, the whole fleet can now accommodate additional 35,000 passengers, and it will be increasing in the next few years,” GM Magno reiterated.

During the unwrapping ceremony, GM Magno also announced that limited number of passengers can ride the new trains for FREE, during the trains’ 150-hour validation and static test.

These 8100 series of Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) will ply the Tutuban to Alabang route once deployed for operation. It is expected that these series can serve 1,000 passengers per trip.

The addition of trains form part of the 2018 train procurement and PNR’s refleeting strategy, which aims to boost the country’s railway capacity and frequency of trips. DOTR