PNP supports total lockdown as quarantine violators reach 126,302

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The Philippine National Police (PNP) expressed its support to implement a total lockdown following the intention of President Rodrigo Duterte under the Enhanced Community Quarantine with more than a hundred thousand of violators nationwide.

PNP Chief, Police General Archie Francisco Gamboa said some local officials have nodded to impose tougher measures against violators of the ECQ, which he also said that “some violators feel they can get away with the enforcement of quarantine rules and local ordinances”.

“I call on all Regional Directors to put action to the strong words of the President. I expect all of you to support this,” Gamboa said in a statement.

As the PNP stepped-up its operations against ECQ violators, latest figures show that as of April 18, 2020 a total of 126,302 ECQ violators were either arrested, fined and warned.

Reports showed that about 713 persons were arrested for hoarding, profiteering and manipulation of prices of medical products and other essentials. Some 9,245 violators were also apprehended for violating the prohibition on public transport operations during the ECQ period.

Also, the PNP Chief ordered the massive crackdown on illegal activities violating physical distancing and gathering of persons such as illegal cockfight, card games, mah-jong, and drinking sessions in public places.

Meanwhile, the PNP Highway Patrol Group together with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) issued yesterday, April 17, about 98 citation tickets to private motorists composed of 63 Temporary Operator’s Permit (TOP) and 35 Ordinance Violations Receipt (OVR) for being “Unauthorized Person Outside of Residence (UPOR) in relation to the Strict Implementation of COVID 19 Enhanced Community Quarantine”.

HPG Director, Police Brigadier General Eliseo DC Cruz reminded private motorists, who are not frontliners, just to stay at home.

“PNP-HPG and MMDA will continue to enforce the provisions of the Extended ECQ on erring motorists and other road users to deny the spread of COVID-19 in our roads,” Cruz said in a report.

On the developments of PNP personnel who have been infected with COVID-19, the PNP Health Service Director, Police Brigadier General Herminio Tadeo Jr said there are additional two (2) new confirmed cases of personnel infected with COVID-19 bringing the total to 67 cases.

Tadeo bared that these two (2) new cases were PNP patient-66, a 38-year-old policewoman from City of Manila and PNP patient-67, a 54-year-old male from Quezon City.

As of April 18 (12:00PM), there are 74 PNP personnel who are now considered as Probable Persons Under Investigation (Probable PUIs) which includes 18 Police Commissioned Officers, 54 Police Non-Commissioned Officers and two (2) Non-Uniformed Personnel.

In addition, a total 596 personnel were recommended as Suspected Persons Under Investigation (Suspected PUIs) composed of 129 Police Commissioned Officers, 437 Police Non-Commissioned Officers, and 30 Non-Uniformed Personnel.

At present, there are still eight (8) cops who have recovered from the pandemic with three (3) deaths from the disease, Health Service said.

The NHQ PNP COVID-19 Patient Care Center (Kiangan Billeting Center) has already admitted 42 PNP personnel listed as PUIs and who undergo self-quarantine including 11 PCO, 27 PNCO, and four (4) NUP. Spring Hotel also accommodated about 110 PNP personnel including 15 PCO, 76 PNCO, 13 NUP, and six (6) Civilians. PNP-PIO