PNP gets P2.8 worth of new equipment

The Philippine National Police has added Php 2.8-billion worth of new police equipment to boost the operational requirements of PNP units, police stations, and tactical teams.

PNP photo

PNP Chief, Police General Archie Francisco Gamboa personally witnessed the blessing of newly-procured police equipment today, March 2 (Monday), at the PNP Transformational Oval, Camp BGen Rafael T Crame in Quezon City.

He was joined by Deputy Speaker, Rep. Henry Oaminal and USec. Lloyd Christopher Lao, Officer-in-Charge, Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management.

Police Major General General Jose Ma. Victor Ramos, Director for Comptrollership and the Chairman of the NHQ Bids and Awards Committee presented the newly-acquired police equipment amounting to Php 2,884,154,578.07 sourced from Capability Enhancement Program (CEP) CY 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019, Congressional Initiative Allocation 2018 and 2019, General Appropriations Act 2017 and 2018 and OP Contingency Fund procured by the NHQ-BAC, SAF-BAC and PS-DBM.

Among newly-procured equipment are:

• 2 units Airbus H125 Helicopter (Single Engine)
• 37 units Medium Troop Carrier
• 12 units Toyota Hilux 4×4 Pick up
• 25 units 7.62mm Light Machine Gun
• 7,700 units Galil Ace 5.56mm Basic Assault Rifle
• 2,037 units Emtan 5.56mm Basic Assault rifle
• 11,408 units Canik 9mm Striker Fired Pistol
• 5,500 units Tisas 9mm Striker Fired Pistol
• 8001 units Taurus 9mm Striker Fired Pistol
• 1,000,000 rounds 7.62mm Ctg Link
• 1,091,422 rounds 5.56mm Ctg Link (SS109)
• 53,377 pcs 5.56mm 30 rounds Magazine
• 1 unit Bomb Suit
• 3 units EOD Robot
• 4 units Forensic Comparison Microscope
• 501 units Enhanced Combat Helmet Level III
• 3,413 units Undershirt Vest Helmet IIIA
• 225 units Night Vision Googles
• 19,861 units Ballistic Eyewear
• 4,640 units DMR Handheld Radio
• 397 units VHF Lowband Handheld Radio
• 200 units HF/SBB Manpack Radio
• 3 units Signal Jammer
• 10 units Tracking Optics (Fire Control System)

In addition, the “Helmet that Saved Life” also presented to the PNP Museum. The helmet serves as symbolic reminder that the PNP organization procure and provide the best quality equipment every PNP personnel shall possess to protect life in pursuit of police duty to protect the people and community.

According to Ramos, the said Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) saved the life of Patrolman Juvanie Tugahan Libradilla, a member of 1st Bukidnon Provincial Mobile Force Company (1stBPMFC), when their patrol team was ambushed by NPA Terrorist Group while on convoy along Brgys Tikalaan and Dominorog, Talakag, Bukidnon recently.

Patrolman Libradilla, equipped with the ECH, was hit by a bullet in the head but only suffered minor injury. Ramos emphasized that “if not with the high quality PNP equipment, it would have been a different story.”

Meanwhile, the PNP Chief said these latest additions are part of the continuing effort of the PNP leadership and the national government to enhance its aerial assets, firepower, mobility, and tactical capabilities of PNP operating units.

Bureau of Customs also presented their donation to the PNP with the one unit of Armored Van donated to be utilized by the SWAT Teams. PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE