PNP chief warns personnel on quarantine checkpoints: Adhere to PNP Ethical Standards

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Police General Archie Gamboa ordered all police personnel manning the border control checkpoints/ Quarantine Control Points (QCPs) to strictly adhere to the provisions of PNP Ethical Standards.

The command was released to all the Regional Directors thru the Directorate for Operations upon receiving some complaints regarding the behavior of police personnel manning the checkpoints.

Gamboa also reminded all the PNP personnel that they must observe courtesy at all times especially when dealing with female and elderly people. They must also avoid taking photos of private documents and should strictly adhere to the PNP’s standard of conduct and behavior.

“This is a fair warning to all the Regional Directors and their personnel on QCPs, if we continue to receive reports about being rude and impolite, I will not tolerate it and you shall be dealt with accordingly,” Gamboa said. PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE