PNP chief orders dismissal of PNPA cadet who mauled fellow cadet

PNP Chief Police General Debold M Sinas has ordered the filing of administrative charges against a graduating cadet of the Philippine National Police Academy who allegedly mauled a fellow senior cadet on New Year’s eve in Camp Castañeda, Silang, Cavite.

Sinas directed The Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development (DHRDD) to place all cadets involved the incident under restriction while termination and dismissal proceedings are underway by the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM).

The Chief PNP issued these instructions upon receipt of reports of the incident from PNPA Acting Director, Police Brigadier General Rhoderick Armamento,

“The PNP has no tolerance for wrong doings of erring personnel, and will never tolerate any misconduct, abuse or breach of discipline,” the Chief PNP said.

Initial investigation revealed, based on the report of Police Captain Manzano, Tactical Officer, that at 11:00PM of December 31, 2020, Cadet 1st Class Joab Mar P Nacnas was allegedly mauled by Cadet 1st Class Denvert Dulansi at the roofdeck of a school building.

Cadet Nacnas earlier cautioned Cadet Dulansi and two other cadets, Cadet 1st Class Guminigin and Cadet 1st Class Tudlong when he found the three drinking alcoholic beverage at the roofdeck.

A heated argument ensued that led to the mauling of Cadet Nacnas, the report said.

Macnas was rushed by a PNPA ambulance to the nearby Qualimed Hospital for treatment. At 13:45 AM. Nacnas was declared in stable condition with no signs of internal injury based on CT scan and X-ray examinations.

Cadet Dulansi, meanwhile was turned over to the Silang Municipal Police Station for investigation. PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE