PHL Coast Guard receives patrol boat, x-ray machine from Japan

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has received a 15-meter patrol boat and an x-ray inspection machine from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines to further enhance maritime safety, maritime security, and maritime law enforcement, as well as marine environmental protection and maritime search and rescue the country today at the PCG National Headquarters today, 11 November 2019.

PCG photo

The 15-meter patrol boat runs at 29 knots with a capacity of up to 14 passengers suitable for quick response operations and retrieval missions.

It is also capable of accosting alleged terrorists, intruders, and/or poachers within the Philippine territory.

The x-ray inspection machine, on the other hand, is compact and battery-operated equipment suitable for inspection in high or narrow places.

It is controlled using a remote with a distance of up to 20 meters, which provides real-time inspection images.

Minister Masahiro Nakata of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Embassy of Japan said that nation is looking forward to boost its strategic relations with the Philippines on evolving challenges in the future, specifically in protecting its territorial waters and marine resources.

“Our commitment to the Philippines is far from over,” Minister Nakata said.

“Rest assured that we will further support the operations of the PCG by providing high-quality assets and by instilling the latest maritime know-hows to its technical personnel,” he added.

Moreover, PCG Commandant Vice Admiral Joel Garcia PCG Ph.D., H.D., Al-haj expressed his gratitude to Minister Nakata and to the Embassy of Japan for granting the request of the Philippine government to strengthen its efforts to counter attacks of terrorism through the acquisition of maritime security assets.

“Our strong cooperation with Japan aids our efforts in preventing terror attacks, specifically kidnap for ransom within Philippine waters which, not only enhances maritime security, but also increases the number of economic undertakings in the region,” Vice Admiral Garcia said. PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD