Philippine Marines’ Archipelagic Coastal Defense concept gets green light

The Philippine Navy beefs up its Active Archipelagic Defense Strategy (AADS) with its approval of the Philippine Marine Corps’ Archipelagic Coastal Defense (ACD) Concept on April 28, 2021.

MGen. Ariel R. Caculitan PN(M), Commandant, Philippine Marine Corps presented the concept of the ACD to the Flag Officer in Command, Philippine Navy, VAdm. Giovanni Carlo J. Bacordo PN, and introduced it as the new Marine Corps Operating Concept (MCOC) to support the accomplishment of the Philippine Navy’s various missions.

The Archipelagic Coastal Defense (ACD) Concept stipulates the roles of the Marines and how they should operate and adapt to the current and future operating environment. It also describes how it shall be integrated in naval, joint, and inter-agency operations. The Marine Operating Forces (MOFs) shall execute ACD through its seaward, landward, and supporting maneuvers. This concept requires the combination of sensors; command and control; mixed-fires composed of shore-based anti-ship missile system (SBASMS), shore-based air defense system (SBADS), Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS), Multi-launched Rocket System (MLRS), and howitzers; coastal maneuver forces; force protection; and sustainment capabilities.

The crafting of the Archipelagic Coastal Defense Concept is projected to further capacitate the Marine Operating Forces in the execution of maneuvers that will complement the Fleet Forces and other operating forces of the Army and Air Force during the conduct of joint operations.

The ACD further defined MOF roles in support of other government agencies and security forces in the conduct of maritime law enforcement operations in municipal coastal waters; border control operations; other constabulary functions in coastal zones; and HADR.

VAdm. Bacordo supports the immediate operationalization of the ACD concept to enhance the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ capability of addressing internal and external threats in the performance of its mandate of protecting the people and securing the state. PHILIPPINE MARINE CORPS