New soldier recruits take oath to serve the country

New recruits of the 1st Infantry (TABAK) Division took oath to serve the country during the opening ceremony of the Candidate Soldier Course Class of 622-2020 held at Camp Sang-an, Pulacan, Zamboanga del Sur March 17, 2020.

1ID photo

The 243 candidate soldiers were made up of 43 privates who were recruited thru special enlistment and 200 from the regular quota for this year.

The new recruits will undergo 16 weeks of rigorous basic military training in the 1st Division Training School to train and transform them into competent and capable soldiers guided by the Army core values.

As a tradition in the Army organization, the recruits were accepted thru a reception rites, as a challenge and test for their physical and mental attributes.

Maj. Gen. Gene M Ponio, Commander of the 1st Infantry Division and the keynote speaker of the activity, assured the new recruits that the trainers were professionals and advised them to seriously train hard.

“You are now considered soldiers, but we have to train you first to make you more proficient, skilled and professional Army who will soon serve the country and the constituents of 1ID”, Ponio added. 1ID