Netizens lauded the act of an Army Reservist

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Photos of group of army reservists deployed in Barangay Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City goes viral online after one of them confronted a man who was caught walking on the street without wearing a facemask.

Mandaluyong City DRRMO photo

The man was reprimanded and warned that he should wear a facemask especially in public. In act leniency to the man, he was given a free facemask before he was allowed to go.

The troops assigned in Mandaluyong City are from the 1505th Ready Reserve Brigade, 1305th Community Defense Center, all under the National Capital Region Regional Community Defense Group of the Army Reserve Command.

Several local government units in Metro Manila including Mandaluyong City are requesting the assistance of the AFP to augment the local police units and enforce the Enhanced Community Quarantine in their respective communities.

It can be seen that it is not only the Regular Force of the AFP that are deployed in frontlines against the unseen enemy, COVID19, but also the volunteers of the AFP’s Reserve Force who have their own civilian jobs outside their military duties and responsibilities. AFP