NBI files murder, planting of evidence complaints vs cop in Ragos death

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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Death Investigation Division has filed murder, perjury and planting of evidence complaints against Police Master Sergeant Daniel Florendo Jr. who fatally shot former Army Corporal Winston Ragos near a COVID-19 quarantine control point in Quezon City on April 21.

Four police trainees are also facing murder and perjury complaints.

According to police statement, “Ragos, approached the police trainees and started shouting and uttering intimidating words.”

“Police officers asked him to go home and stay inside his house as he was violating the Enhanced Community Quarantine. However, Ragos ignored the authorities and further identified himself as a former soldier,” the police statement added.

Also according to police statement, a caliber 38 revolver loaded with ammunition inside his sling bag.

“PMSg Florendo ordered Ragos to yield peacefully but he refused to do so. Instead of heeding to a lawful order, the former soldier tried to pull a handgun in his carried handbag. Sensing imminent danger and a threat posed to his life, said lawmen ordered him to ease his hand on the weapon but he resisted. Having no option left, police officer fired upon the suspect and subdued the latter,” said in the police statement.

Philippine Army commanding general Lieutenant General Gilbert I. Gapay requested the NBI to conduct an impartial investigation in view of apparent conflicting claims of police operatives involved, witness accounts, and materials available from open sources, to include footage of the incident. 

Ragos was given complete disability discharge in 2017 from military service after developing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).