NBI arrests 3 for falsifying government documents in Recto

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) today announced the arrest of three individuals in Recto Avenue, Manila, on February 1, 2021, for falsifying various government documents.

NBI photo

NBI Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Director Eric B. Distor identified the Subjects as JAY TINIO y HUGANAS, JOJO DELIM y ROCABERTE, and ABBYGAIL PASCUA y RUGAY.

Distor said that the case stemmed from an information received regarding individuals who are allegedly selling fake NBI clearances and other various government documents such as LTO ID/Student Permits, PSA Birth Certificate, and TIN ID along Recto Avenue, Manila near Interface Computer College Recto Campus. He added that surveillance operation was conducted to verify the said information. Result of surveillance established that anyone who passes by that area in Recto Avenue is being asked the question “Magpapagawa ka bang ID/NBI Clearance/Birth Certificate?” Some sellers even have signage of the documents that they cater. Sellers charge Php2,500 for rush transactions and Php500 for non-rush transactions.

Yielding positive result in the surveillance operation, an entrapment operation was hatched on February 1, 2021. Poseur customers went to the target area. Thereat, Subject JAY TINIO approached them and asked if they will avail of ID, Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance, or LTO. One poseur customer asked for the cost of NBI Clearance to which Subject JAY answered that it costs Php2,500. Poseur customer haggled until Subject JAY agreed to give it for Php2,000. Subject then asked for fifty percent down payment and afterwards asked for the poseur customer’s personal details.

Subject JAY told the poseur customer that he could get the NBI Clearance after two hours. When the Subject sent a message to the poseur customer that the NBI Clearance is ready for release, NBI-AOTCD operatives positioned themselves for the entrapment operation. The said clearance was set to be delivered at a fast food chain. Thereat, a man identified as Subject JOJO DELIM arrived and delivered a small brown envelope to a girl identified as Subject ABBYGAIL PASCUA. Subject ABBYGAIL approached Subject JAY and handed over to him the brown envelope. Subject JAY then gave the brown envelope containing the fake NBI Clearance to the poseur customer.

Upon hand over the marked money, operatives announced their authorities and placed the Subjects under arrest. Found and seized from the possession of Subject JAY were the marked money, his cellphone, and fake NBI Clearance while taken from Subjects ABBYGAIL and JOJO was an ecobag containing various documents with a dry seal stamp, signages of documents they were offering, and their cellphones.

Verification with the NBI Information and Communication Technology Services revealed that the NBI Clearance from the Subjects was not duly issued by the NBI.

Charges for violation of Article 172 in relation to Article 171 of the Revised Penal Code (Falsification of Public Documents) were charged against the Subjects before the Office of the City Prosecutor, Manila. NATIONAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION