Navy’s ‘most powerful ship’ welcomed in Palawan for Show the Flag Mission

Today, November 12, the people of Palawan, through Naval Forces West, welcomed the Philippine Navy’s newest ship and “most powerful ship” to date, BRP Conrado Yap (PS39).

Acquired by the Philippine Navy (PN) from South Korea and arrived on August 20, 2019, BRP Conrado Yap is equipped with three torpedo launchers on each side, while the bow (front) and stern (back) and equipped with 76mm OtoMelara and 40mm twin-barrel Breda secondary guns which are suited for anti-ship and anti-surface warfare.

PS39 is named after the late Army Capt. Conrado Yap, who died in battle trying to rescue and defend another besieged Philippine Army unit in the Korean War. For his bravery, Captain Yap posthumously received the Medal for Valor, the highest military honor that a military official receives.

The ship will serve as a platform to train the Navy ahead of the arrival of the country’s first frigate warships in 2020. It can also tandem with the new Agusta 159 helicopters which also have anti-submarine detection capabilities.

The traditional welcoming to this historic “Show the Flag Mission” was graced by Vice Adm. Rene V Medina AFP, the Commander, Western Command, representatives from the Provincial Government of Palawan, guests from the AFP, PNP, PCG, other security sectors and PN personnel among others.

The event was highlighted by the formation of the officers and men of PS39, showing their completeness and the accomplishment of their mission followed by the “Welcome Handshake” by the attendees. PS39 is skippered by Captain Marco N Buena PN, leading his able 80 officers and men.

There will be an “Open Ship” or shipboard tour for all on the afternoon from 1 – 4 pm and from Nov. 13 to 14, 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm for the selected schools, to show the PN’s newest ship and introduce the ships’s crew to the local residents. NAVAL FORCES WEST