Navy responds to Metro Manila flooding triggered by Ulysses

Three Disaster Relief and Response Teams (DRRTs) from Philippine Marine Corps (PMC), Bonifacio Naval Station and Naval Combat Engineering Brigade have been deployed in Langka St., Provident Village and Brgy. Bliss, all in Marikina City since yesterday, November 11 to aid in the ongoing rescue operations for trapped families due to heavy flooding triggered by Typhoon Ulysses.

Elements of 101st PN Reserve also trooped to Barangka in Marikina early morning today, November 12 to augment PN DRRTs.

Meanwhile, three amphibious assault vehicles (AAV) of the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) are on standby for prompt deployment to affected areas in the nations capital. AAVs are among the modern assets of the PN intended for marine operations but can also be utilized during disaster response operations because of their capability to traverse both land and water.

Navy flag officer in command, Vice Adm. Giovanni Carlo Bacordo is personally overseeing all the PNs rescue efforts through the command center at PN headquarters organized for such purpose.

The Philippine Navy has always been in the forefront of disaster response operations along with other government agencies. Its assets, personnel and reservists are fully utilized with an aim to minimize the loss of life and properties during calamities. NAVY.MIL.PH