Navy patrol craft conducts test firing of naval guns off Bohol

Naval Task Force 50 operational control patrol craft, BRP SALVADOR ABCEDE (PC114) held its test-firing of weapons on board at vicinity seawaters of Bohol to maintain the proficiency of gun crews during the actual firing scenario for mission-ready status.

PC114’s main armament is a 40MM BOFORS anti-air gun and secondary armaments consist of.50 Caliber M2HB Browning Heavy Machine Gun and 7.62mm M60 Light Machine Guns. Regular conduct of gunnery exercise ensures the operational and combat readiness of the entire ship’s crew against various air and surface enemies.

The live firing exercise was conducted last November 18 with the observance of safety and COVID-19 health practices.

A Notice to Mariner (NOTAM) was issued prior to the test-fire date to advise transiting vessels of the danger in the exercise area.

Further, two picket boats from 5th PB Division were utilized to sweep and secure the designated firing area from unwanted traffic intrusion.

The medical team was also on board PC114 ever ready for medical intervention. BRP SALVADOR ABCEDE safely and successfully completed the activity with no personnel and material casualty.

A naval gunnery target balloon called “killer tomato” was utilized and was hit during live fire. PC114 under the direction of NTF50 continued to excel in gunnery proficiency more than ready for combat to ensure a safe and secure maritime environment in Central Visayas. NAVAL FORCES CENTRAL