Navy now recognizes an IT firm as affiliate reserve unit

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The entry of SYNETCOM Philippines , Inc. (SPI) into the Philippine Navy Affiliated Reserve Unit (PNARU) has officially started after the PN and SPI signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at the Philippine Navy headquarters today, July 8.

Chief of the Navy, Vice Adm. Giovanni Carlo J. Bacordo and SPI President and CEO, Mr. Dennis C. Luyahan signed the MOA as witnessed by other key officials from both parties. This will be eventually endorsed for the approval of the Secretary of National Defense. Prior to this, the latter was accorded with a warm reception by the HPN staff.

Navy Chief Bacordo described the signing of MOA between PN and SPI as “very timely” as the Navy “have been developing and improving our Reservist Utilization Plan in the Conflict Continuum, something I think is very relevant as we increase our operational readiness during peace time and our warfighting readiness during crisis.”

He then lauded the SPI for volunteering in military service “without expecting anything in return” and described it as “a true act of service.”

SPI is a privately owned company engaged in the distribution of I.T. products and several ICT systems, which provide technical expertise and design other solutions that can complement in building a robust cyber capability. The SPI, with its technical expertise on Information and Communications Technology, will be a significant addition to the current efforts of the Philippine Navy in building-up its Cyber Warfare Capability.

The signing of memorandum of agreement between the Philippine Navy and SYNETCOM Philippines, Inc. highlights the PNs commitment in providing unfaltering service by exerting efforts that will contribute to the development and security of our maritime nation. NAVY.MIL.PH