Navy deploys newly acquired attack crafts to Mindanao

The Philippine Navy, through the Philippine Fleet, deployed three of the newly acquired Multi-Purpose Attack Craft Mark III to Naval Operating Forces in a send-off ceremony at Captain Moya Boat Landing in Sangley Point, Cavite Wednesday, October 16.

Navy photo

These MPACs are part of the recently activated Fourth Boat Attack Division of the Littoral Combat Force. One will be assigned under the operational control of Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao while the other two is underway to Naval Forces Western Mindanao in support of the ongoing anti-kidnapping operations of the AFP in the area.

In his remarks, the deputy commander of Philippine Fleet, Commo. Wilfredo Burgunio gave emphasis on the value of naval vessels in the Naval Operating Forces as he graced the ceremony.

He further reminded the departing sailors to “continue making the Navy proud as you serve the Naval Operating Forces as well as the civilian populace who will need your service in the area and as you perform your duties”.

These brand new, highly maneuverable fast crafts play a crucial role in strengthening the country’s littoral defense and improve maritime interdiction capability.

Like their missile-capable predecessors, these MPACs will soon be equipped with machine gun and missile systems, making them more lethal and capable of delivering precision fire against the enemies within the littoral. PHILIPPINE NAVY