Navy conducts firing of naval armaments at seawaters of Bohol

Naval Forces Central through Naval Task Force 50 led the test firing of naval armaments aboard navy vessel BRP Abraham Campo (PC396) at vicinity of Bohol Sea last Saturday morning, May 8, 2021.

Personnel from NFC transient surface assets, BRP WARAY (LC288), BRP IWAK (LC289), and BRP AGTA (LC290), participated in the test firing by bringing their respective heavy machine guns on board PC396.

The gun exercise aims to test and ensure the operational readiness of naval armaments and evaluate the proficiency of their personnel aboard the ship for combat readiness utilizing the “killer tomato” as the target.

Patrol Craft 396, skippered by CDR KENNETH N ROSALEJOS PN was able to test all its armaments together with the transient units’ personnel to hone their skills and firing proficiencies.

The activity was conducted in adherence to IATF protocols on safety and health against the COVID-19 pandemic. Central Command through Naval Forces Central will continue to ensure and maintain the operational readiness of its naval assets to promote a safe and secured maritime environment in the Visayas. NAVAL FORCES CENTRAL