Navy, Army hold simulation exercise

Navy vessel BRP Salvador Abcede (PC114) participated in the first PA-PN Simulated Exercise (SIMEX) of Eastern Visayas at Canigao Island, Matalom, Leyte last 11 and 12 December 2020.

The SIMEX was Naval Task Group 2 initiated and 802nd Brigade led activity to enhance joint operations between Army and Navy operatives in Leyte Province particularly on insertion and extraction of troops and ship to shore operations utilizing rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB). The activity has two phases namely ground phase that includes classroom instructions and walk through and the actual SIMEX at designated island. Casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) was also tackled both in lectures and in actual simulation.

To maximize interoperability between PA and PN operatives, participants from 14th and 93rd Infantry Battalion on board PC114 were integrated in the Watch Quarter and Station Bill (WQSB) of the ship. The Army soldiers got a chance to operate naval guns during General Quarters (GQ) drill conducted while the ship was steaming enroute to targeted island.

The SIMEX lasted for two hours simulating special troop insertion to Canigao Island and extraction from the Island to the ship. CASEVAC scenario was also performed with one wounded personnel transported to the ship for medical attention.

After the SIMEX, participants joined the LGU Matalom in the coastal clean-up drive in Canigao Island and collected a ton of trashes and debris. PC114 also donated trash bins made of used drum for Canigao Island which was gratefully received by Matalom Mayor, Honorable Erick Pajulio.

NTG2 aboard PC114 continuously exist in Eastern Visayas as a relevant force in joint operations with Army counterparts. NTG2 believes in a dictum that says, “We fight as we train”. Thus, joint training activity with Army counterparts strengthens camaraderie, promotes effective synergy and jointness between forces. NAVAL FORCES CENTRAL