Naval Air Wing welcomes new commander

The Philippine Fleet conducted a Change of Command Ceremony of Naval Air Wing with the Commander, Philippine Fleet, Rear Adm. Loumer P Bernabe PN as the presiding officer at Magluyan Hall, Naval Base Heracleo Alano on December 7, 2020.

The outgoing Commander, NAW, Capt. Lued L Lincuna PN(GSC) assumed his position for eleven (11) months. Imbued with professional competence and dynamic leadership, Capt. Lincuna led his unit in the accomplishment of its mission. Under his watch, the Naval Air Wing was able to deploy and conduct various aerial operations in different areas in the country. The Naval Air Wing was able to conduct aerial search, transport, surveillance, and air dropping operations that greatly contributed to the peace and security of the country as a whole. Despite the prevailing situation, Capt. Lincuna made it possible to ensure the unit effectiveness of the Command thru the continuous training of personnel while strictly adhering to the guidance and safety precautions set forth by the Higher Headquarters and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases. The NAW Commander paved a way for the continuity of the conduct of mission-essential training in order to continue the NAW mission to organize, train, equip, main
tain, operate and deploy air assets for operation in support to the Philippine Fleet mission.

In his message, the Commander, Philippine Fleet expressed his well wishes to the outgoing Commander. “I earnestly thank you for being instrumental in the accomplishments that our naval air assets have made. I’m sure that you will continue to emulate the excellence that naval air wing has been known for of which you have been a part and will continuously be a part of. I congratulate you for having effectively led your men and women in carrying out their functions. You may not have noticed but your leadership satisfactorily contributed in every success that we have all collectively achieved. The discipline and character you have established to the officers and enlisted personnel of Naval Air Wing manifest your knowledge and expertise in your long years in the service and that you were able to manage them well. With all that being said, I know you are ever ready to take on your next and future positions.”

The Philippine Fleet Commander along with the Forces, Groups and Center Commanders officially welcomed Commo. Karl A Decapia PN as the new Naval Air Wing Commander. Rear Adm. Bernabe believed that the incoming Commander was a good leader who best fit for this position, an epitome of excellence that was capable of doing great things and making impossible task into possible one.

On Philippine Fleet Commander message, “To our incoming Commander, Naval Air Wing, without a doubt, I believe you are more than capable of handling this position and as such I’m confident that you will handle them with continued dedication and excellence. Your new designation does not only entail great obligations but also with great expectations from those who will be under your leadership. Thus, I expect you to lead by example and most of all, deliver your tasks with outmost circumspection. You were chosen in this position for a reason, not only for being the right person for the job, but also to equal, if not, exceed what your predecessor have accomplished.” Rear Adm. Bernabe said.

The ceremony was conducted under the new normal situation with strict adherence to health and biosafety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. PHILIPPINE FLEET