Military aircraft, vessels transport 2 million lbs of cargo, 2.2 million food packs

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The Armed Forces of the Philippines has transported over 2-million pounds (lbs) of cargo meant for pandemic alleviation efforts as of July 1.

Official reports indicate that Philippine Air Force and Philippine Navy have both dedicated seven aircraft and 16 vessels to accomplish the feat respectively.

“We understand that the fight is far from over but I would like to express our gratitude to the tireless men and women who continue to work behind the scenes loading, flying, steering, and maintaining our ships and aircraft non-stop for more that three months now,” AFP Chief of Staff General Felimon Santos Jr said.

The Philippine Air Force has logged more than 881 flying hours in total with its two C-130 and three C295 doing most of the heavy airlifting.

The logistics support vessels BRP Bacolod City and BRP Dagupan and landing craft BRP Batak on the other hand have ferried the most weight for the Navy.

Meanwhile, land operations have also transported persons and supplies nationwide with over 261 vehicles currently in use.

As of July 1, over 2.2-million food packs have been transported and 123,000 passengers were accommodated as reported by the AFP’s Unified Commands and Major Services.

“The strength of our will is being tested by this pandemic and everyday we continue to prove nothing can wear our troops out. As I near the end of my term as Chief of Staff, I am confident that our soldiers will carry on with the selfless service that has so far marked the AFP’s legacy in this pandemic,” General Santos Jr added. AFP.MIL.PH