Marines activate units for special ops, armor, artillery, amphibious capabilities

MGen. Ariel R. Caculitan PN(M) led the Joint Formal Activation Ceremony of Marine Scout Sniper Company (68th Marine Company), Marine Special Operations School, Marine School of Armor, Marine Artillery School, and Marine Amphibious School on June 29, 2021.

Marine Scout Sniper Company and Marine Special Operations School are under the supervision of the Force Reconnaissance Group and focused on special operations.

The Marine School of Armor develops qualified Marines in the Armor field of specialization with the capacity of adapting to standard tactics and integrating technology with armor and amphibious warfighting capabilities.

The Marine Artillery School is a progressive-thinking marine artillery academic and training school that develops professional marine artillery specialists.

The Advance School (TAS), meanwhile, is renamed The Amphibious Warfare School (TAWS). The transition of TAS into TAWS ensures to enhance PMC amphibious warfare capability and address all battlespace requirements through education and training. PHILIPPINE MARINE CORPS