Marine School of Armor conducts first AAV training for Marine Amphibious Ready Unit

The newly activated Marine School of Armor of the Assault Armor Battalion (AABN) under the Combat Service Support Brigade (CSSBDE) conducted an Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV) training at the 76th Assault Amphibian Company Headquarters, Naval Base San Antonio on September 6, 2021.

BGen. Ruben B. Candelario PN(M), Commander, CSSBDE, convened the Basic AAV Course Class-01 (Water Operations Phase); AAV Operations and Maintenance Training; AAV Riders Training for Marine Amphibious Ready Unit; and the retraining of 76th Assault Amphibian Company, AABN.

He stressed, “The blended AAV training activities are mission essential trainings for the ground combat element of the Marine Amphibious Ready Unit. The training will allow the AAV Company and Marine Infantry Company to seamlessly undertake missions as part of the Amphibious Force of the Philippine Navy.”

BGen. Candelario also conducted an ocular inspection of the facilities being constructed for the Assault Armor Battalion at the Naval Base. PHILIPPINE MARINE CORPS