Marine Amphibious Ready Unit gears up for action in Command and Control Exercises

After being activated in February 2021, the Marine Amphibious Ready Unit (MARU) of the Philippine Marine Corps is now at its peak as it conducts Fleet-Marine Command and Control (C2) interoperability exercises and other Shipboard Evolutions in Palawan.

The objective of the C2 exercises is to enhance naval integration in planning and other essential shipboard drills to increase the level of cooperation and mutual trust between fleet-marine commanders. Commanders are coequal in planning and executing various types of missions.

A rapid, amphibious, hard-hitting, and joint-ready unit, MARU is a coastal maneuver force complementing the Archipelagic Coastal Defense force-mix with amphibious operations as its core competency.

Designed to be strategically flexible and modular, MARU can be emplaced in strategic areas nationwide to quickly respond to any threat or disaster. PHILIPPINE MARINE CORPS