Former rebels expose NPA’s Arms cache

Acting on information provided by former rebels, combined forces of military and police recovered an arms cache consisting of two high-powered firearms, two Explosive Components and other war materiel and facilitated the surrender of another NPA in San Mariano, Isabela on Tuesday.

NOLCOM photo

The military identified the informant as Alias Ganer, a former rebel who voluntarily surrendered to security forces last October 14, 2019.

In his statement, Lieutenant General Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr, Commander of NOLCOM, disclosed that “his information resulted to the recovery of one M16 rifle, two Explosive Components, one hand grenade, one cellphone with attached electrical cord, ICOM battery pack and battery charger, one capacitor and several enemy documents with high intelligence value.”

He added that alias Ganer surrendered one M16 Rifle when he surfaced last year.

Alias Ganer’s handlers said that the former rebel revealed that the arms cache was entrusted to him by a certain Romeo Cudal alias Mon sometime in 2017.

This was followed by the surrender of a militia ng bayan at around 5 p.m. of the same day.

Lt Gen Burgos identified the militia as alias Abner who led the combined soldiers and police to another arms cache at Brgy Buyasan, San Mariano, Isabela. The government troops recovered one M14 Rifle and several live ammunition during the operation.

In his his statement, Abner revealed that the cache was also entrusted to him by Romeo Cudal, the same personality identified by Ganer.

Lt Gen Burgos said that “these series of setbacks of the communist terrorists is a manifestation of the enemies’ nearing defeat which will pave the way for the much coveted peace in this part of the country.”

He added that “NOLCOM as the defenders of the north will be unrelenting with our efforts to liberate our people from the clutches of these terrorist groups.”

Lt Gen Burgos also lauded the former rebels’ sincerity to abandon the armed struggle by providing vital information to the government troops.

He ended his statement by calling on the few remaining NPA terrorists in Regions 1, 2, 3, and CAR to return to the folds of the law, avail government grants under the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program and celebrate the holiday season with their families.

For his part, Major General Laurence Mina, 5ID Commander said that “the actions of the former rebels are testament that they are already fed up with the deceptions and false promises of the terrorist group. Further, it proved their commitment and sincerity to return to the folds of the law and abandon their armed struggle.” NORTHERN LUZON COMMAND