Coast Guard, Army to enhance interoperability through mutual training – PCG

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and the Philippine Army (PA) will enhance inter-service operability through mutual training, as agreed upon in the ‘Memorandum of Partnership’ signed by Rear Admiral Joseph M Coyme, Commander of the Human Resource Management Command (HRMC) of the PCG and Major General Arnulfo Marcelo B Burgos Jr, Commander of the 2nd Infantry Division (2ID) of the PA.

Said partnership was formalized on 04 September 2020, after the successful conduct of the 45-day Jungle Warfare and Mountain Operations Course (JWMOC) of Class 01-2020 “Parabellum”, composed of 85 trainees under the Coast Guard Officers’ Course (CGOC) Class 24 and 25 of the following Service Command units: Coast Guard Human Resource Management Command (CGHRMC), Coast Guard Intelligence Force (CGIF), and Coast Guard Civil Relations Service (CGCRS).

Under the agreement, the HRMC and the 2ID shall train and support commissioned officers and enlisted personnel of the other party to make them effective, efficient, and highly-competent public servants capable of inter-service operability.

Specifically, the 2ID will provide HRMC with comprehensive lectures and training sessions on map reading and land navigation; weapons familiarization and marksmanship; troop leading procedure; explosive ordnance; close quarter drill; obstacle course; rope course; field training exercise; and air to ground operations.

Meanwhile, the HRMC will offer human resource management and personnel management courses to the officers and non-officers of the 2ID.

All activities related to these courses shall be directly coordinated with the other party for resource and manpower assistance, and to ensure that the scope of instructions, methodology, and duration of activities are mutually agreed by the PCG and the PA.

Both parties shall also offer their training, billeting, and medical facilities to uphold the welfare and safety of the students.

Moreover, the PCG and the PA have agreed to recognize and allow instructors to exercise academic freedom in the conduct of lectures, training sessions, and other activities related to the courses, with the intention of building a harmonious and productive relationship beneficial to both parties.

RADM Coyme recognized that the PCG, in the event of national emergency, shall be attached to the Department of National Defense (DND) to augment its operations.

Hence, through mutual training, the PCG and the PA shall further develop camaraderie, leadership, and discipline – among the characters of public servants capable of inter-service operability to address any threat to public safety and national security. PHILIPPINE COAST GUARD