BRP Gabriela Silang now en route to Bicol

In an effort to extend assistance to the families who were severely affected and displaced by super typhoon Rolly, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has mobilized the BRP Gabriela Silang to Bicol region, today 04 November 2020.

DOTR photo

Earlier today, PCG Commandant Admiral George Ursabia, Jr. led the send-off ceremony of the ship at Pier 13, Port Area, Manila, and personally supervised the arrangements of the goods and supplies, to ensure their smooth, safe, and secure transport.

The ship is loaded with relief goods and supplies coming from the PCG, and its Auxilliary groups, which are as follows:

From the PCG:

  • 830 boxes of food pack
  • 70 sacks of rice (50kgs)
  • 1-unit portable generator

From the PCG Auxiliary:

  • 37 boxes of condensed milk
  • 3 boxes corned beef
  • 2 balikbayan boxes of supplies
    The ship is likewise loaded with relief goods and supplies from the following agencies:

From the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD):

  • 3,000 boxes of food pack
  • 3,944 bottles of purified drinking water
  • Additional 400 gallons of mineral water
  • 2,000 boxes of kitchen kit
  • 1,000 boxes of hygiene kit
  • 450 pieces of sleeping kit
  • 450 pieces of mosquito net

From the Philippine Red Cross (PRC):

  • 500 pieces corrugated galvanized iron sheets

From the IOM and German Embassy:

  • 1150 pieces face shield
  • 2180 boxes face mask (50 pcs per box)
  • 120 boxes gloves (100 pairs per box)
  • 10,120 pieces alcohol bottles (500mL bottle)

The BRP Gabriela Silang is expected to arrive in Bicol tomorrow, 05 November 2020, at around 12NN. DOTR