ASG war materials seized following an encounter in Sulu

Military troops seized ASG war materials following an encounter in Sulu on October 28, 2020.


Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan Jr. said that “report received from Maj. Gen. William Gonzales, Commander of the Joint Task Force Sulu, stated that while our troops of the 5th Scout Ranger Battalion led by Lt. Col Herbert Dilag were conducting clearing operations in Barangay Adjid, Indanan, Sulu, they encountered more or less 15 local terrorists’ Abu Sayyaf Group members under bomber Mundi Sawadjaan and Senior Leader Radulan Sahiron at around 4 p.m. which lasted for about 20 minutes, and thereafter, the local terrorists withdrew to different directions.”

Lt. Gen. Vinluan further stated that “while scouring the area, the operating troops recovered two (2) M14 rifles, three (3) hammocks, two (2) pairs combat boots, two (2) backpacks and other belongings. Our troops also recovered documents including photocopies of passports owned by two (2) Indonesian nationals whose identities are yet to be identified. The recovered documents of high intelligence value will undergo thorough investigation to extract information that would strengthen our campaign in eliminating the local and foreign terrorists.”

“The ASG also suffered undetermined casualties as evident on the bloodstains in the encounter site. I am happy to report that there is no casualty on the government side,” Lt. Gen. Vinluan added.

“We immediately deployed supplemental troops to establish blockades in the possible withdrawal route of the local terrorists. A hot pursuit operation is currently being conducted to neutralize the fleeing local terrorists,” said Col. Antonio Bautista, 1101st Infantry Brigade Commander.

Maj. Gen. William Gonzales commended the troops of the 5th Scout Ranger Battalion for the unrelenting efforts to eradicate the menace of society. He also acknowledged the unwavering support of the local government units and the peace-loving people of Sulu. “Our troops are currently pursuing these terrorists. We have the manpower, we have the war assets, and we have the people of Sulu rallying behind us. They give tip-offs and they forbid ASG presence in their communities. The Tausugs are very confident and they are not afraid as they themselves are volunteering to confront terrorists,” MGen Gonzales added. Maj. Gen. Gonzales urged the local terrorists to lay down their arms and to return to the fold of the law to live normalcy and to unite with the government for peace and progress rather than to pursue in vain.

Meanwhile, Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr. lauded the Joint Task Force Sulu troopers for the numerous accomplishments and urged them to sustain the momentum in defeating the remaining local terrorists in the province of Sulu. WESTERN MINDANAO COMMAND