Army donates blood in response to COVID-19 crisis

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The Philippine Army in coordination with the Philippine Red Cross, Philippine Blood Center, and Army General Hospital conducts a bloodletting activity at Fort Bonifacio on May 20, 2020.

In line with the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ guidance to hold scheduled bloodletting initiatives, said activity aims to supplement the insufficient volume of blood stored in blood banks due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

As of writing, 108 blood bags were collected among the first set of donors from the participating 411 active and reservist personnel. The second wave of donation will be held on May 27 and civilian volunteers are also encouraged to join. The collected blood will be used by PA personnel, dependents, civilian human resource, and other authorized civilians in cases of emergency.

“Every drop of blood our soldiers give, whether in combat or in response to medical needs, is a symbol of our commitment to serve the nation. We are hopeful that the result of this drive will help save the lives of our fellow people in need,” said Lt. Gen. Gilbert I Gapay, the Commanding General, Philippine Army. PHILIPPINE ARMY