Army deploys 231 new soldiers, snipers vs NPA, terrorists

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle,” Philippine Army 2nd Infantry Division (2ID) commanding general Major General Arnulfo Marcelo B Burgos Jr. said during the send-off ceremony for 178 privates and 53 snipers on Tuesday, July 28 at Camp Capinpin in Tanay, Rizal.

According to 2ID, the newly trained soldiers completed the 45-day Jungle Warfare and Mountain Operation Course which prepared them for the rigors of military operations, particularly in the treacherous terrains of Sierra Madre mountain range which is a traditional mobility corridor of the NPA.

Major General Burgos reminded them “to be mindful of your actions because beyond our ability to fight and win wars, we have the responsibility to the Philippine Army as an organization in promoting a positive image of the Filipino soldiers so that we may be able to attain our transformation objective of becoming a world-class Army that is loved and respected by the very people whom we have sworn to serve.”

“Having been trained in accordance to the finest traditions of Filipino soldiery and the high standards of being a Jungle Fighter, we are one with our nation in hoping that your deployment will help our frontline units in fast-tracking the already imminent and irreversible defeat of the NPA terrorists in the immediate south of our government’s seat of power,” Major General Burgos said.

2ID also said that the 53 snipers have painstakingly completed two months of very intense training which can be classified as beyond the ordinary.

Burgos reminded the snipers that they have been “entrusted with a particular skill set, a skill set not imparted to ordinary soldiers” while expressing confidence that “you will understand that you are expected to act in a better and more matured manner in the frontlines.”

“The units that you will be deploying with will rely on your rare ability, patience and sharpness with the hope that you will be able to turn the tides in the battlefield in favor of your fellow soldiers, in a manner that you were envisioned to do,” he added.

“The NPA terrorists’ current state of weakness is a testament that we have already pushed them on the verge of irreversible defeat and that your addition to our forces in the field will help our units to deliver the finishing touches to the more than 5-decade communist terrorist insurgency that has been hampering the growth and potentials of our great country,” Major General Burgos said.

2ID said the new soldiers and snipers will beef up 2ID’s frontline units and will see action across CALABARZON Region, MIMARO Provinces, Davao, Zamboanga, Basilan and Metro Manila.