Army conducts Dagohoy Patrol Challenge 2020

In connection with the Philippine Army’s 123rd Founding Anniversary celebration, the command organized and conducted the Dagohoy Patrol (Dagpat) Challenge 2020 from Mar. 2 to 6, 2020 at Jungle Training Base, Batuan, Bohol.

DagPat 2020, which was patterned after United Kingdom Cambrian Patrol Exercise, aims to assess and enhance the operational capabilities and readiness of the participating Army units as well as to pave way for recommendations in the development of other military training concepts.

For 48 hours, participating squads from PA Major Units and the Army Reserve Command traversed an approximately 50-kilometer route along the mountainous terrains of Butuan, Bohol. Each team member carried a minimum of 25 kilograms of load while they underwent military briefing, obstacle crossing, reconnaissance patrol, patrol base operations, field stripping of squad organic weapons, land mine breaching, tactical combat casualty care, and raid.

“Patience, persistence, and perseverance. These are the qualities that were tested during the Dagohoy Patrol Challenge,” said Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Gilbert I. Gapay during the DagPat 2020 closing and awarding ceremony. “You accepted one of the toughest military exercises in the Philippine Army [and] courageously took the risks and successfully completed your mission. For that, you have gained the respect of the Philippine Army and my snappiest salute,” Gapay remarked.

Among the participating units that ranked first was the First Scout Ranger Regiment while the 6th Infantry “Kampilan” Division took the second place and the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) ranked third. The evaluation of each participating units’ performance were conducted from Mar. 4 to 5.

“Let this event inspire all of us to train hard and strive more. In this [pursuit of] organizational and operational excellence, we [are coming] closer to our goal [of becoming] a world-class Philippine Army,” said Gapay. PHILIPPINE ARMY