Army activates 2nd Air Defense Artillery Battery, 2nd Field Artillery Battery

The Philippine Army activated its 2nd Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Battery and 2nd Field Artillery Battery at the Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) in Fort Ramon Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija on Wednesday, January 15.

The Commanding General Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Gilbert I. Gapay led the joint activation ceremony of the said batteries alongside AAR Commander Brig. Gen. Virgilio B. Bartolome.

“To the commanders of the new units, I challenge you to lead your respective batteries with drive and dynamism,” said Gapay. “To the men and women of these newly activated units, your full focus and commitment will be the main tools that will propel you and your unit forward,” he added.

Air Defense Battery is designed to provide air defense for Army units, areas, and installations against unmanned aerial vehicles or remotely-piloted vehicles as well as fixed and rotary aircraft, while the Field Artillery Battery will help in troop maneuver to destroy, neutralize, and suppress the enemies through its fire support to maneuver units. These combined units shall provide a lethal force for a modern Army. The new units also align with national security priority to safeguard and preserve the Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The Army activated the new batteries as part of the development of its anti-access and area denial capabilities in pursuit of its vision of becoming a world class Army by 2028,” said Gapay. PHILIPPINE ARMY