Air Force Covid-19 support missions ‘maintainable’

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The Philippine Air Force (PAF) on Monday said that its flight support missions for the government’s ongoing efforts to contain the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic are sustainable.

Lt. Col. Aristides Galang, PAF spokesperson, made this response when asked if the Air Force still has sufficient aircraft for its other missions while supporting ongoing Covid-19 containment efforts.

“Yes (it is) sustainable. As part of our Business Continuity Plan, we make sure that our platforms are properly allocated and strategically deployed to different PAF bases in order to perform various missions in support to the national security and development efforts of the country,” he said in response to the Philippine News Agency’s queries.

The PAF has allocated seven aircraft, including two heavily-lift C-130 transport aircraft and three C-295 medium transport planes, for Covid-19 relief efforts.

These planes are tasked to transport medical supplies and medical personnel needed for containing the pandemic.

When asked if airframe fatigue is now a concern of planes involved in these visions, Galang said there are maintenance and safety procedures to follow to prevent such things from happening.

“We follow maintenance and safety procedures being followed for (all PAF) aircraft to monitor the remaining time of aircraft parts and components (before they are needed to be replaced),” he added.

Airframe fatigue refers to the weakening of parts and surfaces of aircraft brought about stress due to constant flying operations. PNA.GOV.PH