AFP warns soldiers: keep off bus lanes

The Armed Forces of the Philippines has recently issued a directive telling all its commanders to keep off lanes in EDSA dedicated for public utility buses.

The Message Form dated 02 July 2020 was issued to all AFP commanders and chiefs of offices and provides guidance to their personnel using EDSA to avoid its bus lanes.

“Personnel who will be accosted, caught by traffic enforcers, or reported by concerned citizens for driving along the bus lanes in any part of EDSA must immediately be subjected to administrative disciplinary actions,” the directive says.

This directive also aims to assist government authorities in speeding up travel time and appropriately manage vehicle traffic in the avenue that provides access to six cities in the National Capital Region.

The AFP Chief of Staff General Felimon Santos Jr earlier asked soldiers to “treasure the trust of Filipinos” and emphasized the importance of discipline in the military profession.

“The outstanding support that we are receiving from the people does not excuse our wrong behaviors, nor does our rank give us authority to violate laws and policies,” General Santos Jr added. AFP.MIL.PH