AFP receives modern IT, multimedia equipment from Australian government

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) received about Php2.7 million worth of Information Technology (IT) and multimedia equipment from the Australian Government on Wednesday, June 23.

The AFP Chief of Staff General Cirilito Sobejana officially received the donation in a ceremony held at Camp Aguinaldo canopy area.

“With these newly donated IT and multimedia equipment, the AFP will be able to amplify its capability of preventing and countering violent extremism, here in our country,” General Cirilito Sobejana said.

The donation was coursed under the mutually agreed Australia-Philippines Enhanced Defence Cooperation Program.

General Sobejana extended the AFP’s gratitude to the Australian Government and Australian Defence Force represented by Colonel Paul Joseph Barta, the Australian Defence Attaché.

“Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the Australian Government and the Australian Defence Force for their continued support to the AFP in the ongoing fight against terrorism. It is through these initiatives that our members become more empowered to fulfil their mandate to secure the state and protect the Filipino people,” he said.

Among the new equipment were high-tech computers, tablets, storage devices, smart TVs, cameras, and audio recording components.

“The equipment will assist the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ office for the prevention and countering of violent extremism research to achieve its mission – by documenting and understanding the drivers of radicalization, effective strategies for prevention of violent extremism can be found,” said Colonel Barta.

The AFP continues to strengthen its counter-terrorism capabilities within the cyberspace where access to available information is critical. With the new equipment, access and exchange of information among military allies shall be made more available and secured.

“We have already made great strides in enhancing our capabilities in the cyberspace environment. However, we do acknowledge that much is still needed. After the gruelling Marawi Siege in 2017 against the ISIS-Maute Group, and the lessons that we have to learn the hard way, the AFP is more than determined to prevent any incidents of the same nature from ever happening in the future,” General Sobejana said. AFP.MIL.PH