AFP completes rehearsal for Joint Inter-Operability Exercises in Zambales

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) successfully completed its rehearsals for the Joint Inter-Operability Exercises (JIOE) on Tuesday, December 1 in San Antonio, Zambales.

The drills are part of the 4th iteration of AFP Joint Exercise (AJEX) DAGIT-PA which focuses on capabilities development in maritime security, and amphibious operations.

The events are aimed at carrying out joint operations integrating maritime, air conventional forces and land forces on joint operational environments. The scenarios employ participating forces to conduct joint fires with close air support and aviation attack, joint land and sea movement and maneuver, joint force protection, and joint sustainment.

Among completed exercises were Target Acquisition of HERMES 450 from Basa Air Base to San Antonio, Zambales; Simulated Naval Surface Fire Support; Helideck Operations; Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Recovery of AW109 aircraft; Over the Beach Operations; Hydro Reconnaissance; Underwater Mine Clearing; Obstacle Breaching; Simulated Air Strike; Amphibious Assault Vehicles Launch; Ship to Objective Maneuvers; and Ship to Shore Maneuver.

The actual Amphibious Landing and Island Defense exercises are currently being held in San Antonio, Zambales today, December 2. AFP/DAGIT-PA