AFP chief visits Mavulis Island

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On 09 July 2020, the Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Filemon T Santos Jr PA reached Mavulis, Batanes, the country’s northernmost island, for an official visit to the naval detachment stationed in the area.

The establishment of the naval detachment in Mavulis Island is considered to be a highly strategic initiative of the AFP as it strengthens the Philippines’ ownership over the island and clearly asserts its sovereign rights over its national territories. The detachment also functions to assist and protect local fishermen in the area. Furthermore, The location provides a strategic littoral monitoring platform for all vessels transiting our northern boundaries.

General Santos was received by Commander Junmar Sales PN (GSC) as the official representative of the Naval Forces Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM). He was accompanied by Joint Forces Commander Northern Luzon, Lieutenant General Ramiro Manuel A Rey PA and other senior officers from NOLCOM.

The official visit coincided with the groundbreaking activity for the Desalination Plant System Project in the island, which the Chief of Staff led and initiated.

Meanwhile, a symbolic flag raising with the troops was conducted, where the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs congratulated the construction team and the personnel assigned at the naval detachment. He also made a commitment to the troops that he will endeavor to provide them with more recreational facilities in the island, such as the construction of a cellular communication system to improve access to communication, and to explore the possibility of granting Hazardous Duty Pay to all assigned troops in the Mavulis detachment. NPAO, PN