8ID neutralizes 19 CNTs, seized firearms in Eastern Samar

Operating troops from the 8th Infantry “Stormtrooper” Division clashed against CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNT) on August 16, 2021 at Dolores, Eastern Samar leading to the demise of 19 enemy personalities and seizure of high powered and low powered firearms.

The troops from 801st Brigade, 52nd Infantry Battalion encountered more or less 70 CNTs which ensued a day-long operation. Close air and fire support were delivered to commensurate and protect troops from anti-personnel mines (APM).

Among the seized items were 32 high-powered firearms, a low-powered firearm, a hand grenade, and eight APMs.

The timely and precise actions taken against the enemies led to decisive engagement and the success of the operation without any casualties from the civilians and government side.

The Philippine Army continues its efforts in protecting the peace of the communities against the enemies of the state. PHILIPPINE ARMY