206 complete Scout Ranger Course

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief-of-Staff Lieutenant General Cirilito Sobejana told the graduates of Scout Ranger Course CL 211-2020 that earning the “Tabak” badge is easy, but the real challenge is upholding the Scout Ranger values even beyond retirement.

LtGen Sobejana was the Guest of Honor and Speaker during the Closing Ceremony of the Scout Ranger course at Camp Tecson, San Miguel, Bulacan on February 25.

The SR Class 211-2020 is composed of 36 officers and 158 enlisted personnel from the Philippine Army, 7 officers and 4 non-commissioned officers from the Philippine National Police, 1 Philippine Navy enlisted personnel and 5 honorary members.

Scout Rangers specialize in anti-guerilla jungle warfare, raids, ambushes, close-counter combat, urban warfare and sabotage.

The AFP Chief of Staff said that although the SR’s mandate is to fight and fix the enemy, they have to understand that security problems cannot be solved through combat efforts alone.

“We need to recognize as I have personally experienced that the more sustainable solution to our problem is non-combat in nature. It is more of operations other than war,” he said.

In closing, LtGen Sobejana congratulated the graduates and reiterated the need to preserve the AFP’s core purpose. “We should uphold our core purpose of serving the people and securing the land and stand or live with our core values of honor, patriotism, and duty,” the AFP Chief-of-Staff said. ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES