2 more sovereign markers installed in northern Philippine islands

Naval Forces Northern Luzon completed the construction of 2 additional sovereign markers in the northern Philippines specifically at Mabaag and Barit Islands, Aparri, Cagayan on February 15, 2021.

The two newly installed sovereign markers are in addition to the 11 sovereign markers that were already installed last year to the 11 uninhabited islands of Babuyan Group of Islands and Batanes Island Group.

Like the other markers, the two markers are emplaced in prominent areas of the two islands, making them clearly visible to vessels transiting the waterways in the country’s northern maritime territory.

The construction for the 2 sovereign markers took the construction team to finish it for 4 days which was started on February 11 and concluded on February 15, 2021.

The other units involved in the construction were Northern Luzon Command, Naval Installation Facility-Northern Luzon, Marine Battalion Landing Team 10, Naval Special Operations Unit 2, Naval Combat Engineering Brigade, Civil Military Operations Unit-Northern Luzon, Naval Base Camilo Osias and BRP Manuel Gomez (PC388).

Commodore Caesar Bernard N Valencia, Commander of Naval Forces Northern Luzon explained the significance of the markers in asserting our claim in these maritime areas, saying that “These islands and their surrounding territorial waters are an integral part of the country’s territory. Thus, these markers will help us ensure that our sovereignty will be recognized in these areas.” NAVAL FORCES NORTHERN LUZON