About Us

Mintfo.com is a website providing factual and timely articles for the benefit of its readers.

The word MINTFO is a blend of two words: mint and information. Below are the meanings of mint and information based on Merriam-Webster.com/Dictionary.


/verb/ to create, produce
/adjective/ unmarred


/noun/ the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence; knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction; intelligence, news, facts, data

To produce factual and timely articles – aside from traditional information gathering – Mintfo.com writers thread the Internet to look for information.

Among the Internet places Mintfo.com writers go to are government websites and their official social networking pages; official social networking pages of notable personalities and politicians; and official websites owned by non-government organizations and private institutions.

Mintfo.com will be forever fair and honest.

Our Team

Iara Gonzales. A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. She loves diving and running in marathons.

Arnel Reyes. A broadcast journalism graduate with wide experience in digital communications.

Mark Arellano. He loves hiking and fishing. He finished associate of arts in journalism.

Gerald Santos. A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in English. Skilled in writing scripts and social media content.

Karen Perez. She has a certificate in electronic media.

Ian Fernandez. He has a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Gaile Tiamzon. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. She loves photography and travel.